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There are two types of naturalization in Indonesia based on the Minister of Law. Ordinary naturalization requires that an applicant be of legal majority and full capacity. Application fees and documentation are submitted to the Minister of Law and Human Rights. Establishment of a five-year residency, or ten years of intermittent cumulative residence, prior to application is required. Applicants must be in good physical and mental health; be financially self-sufficient; and prove that they have no criminal record which resulted in a jail sentence of one or more years. They must also confirm that they can speak the Indonesian language and provide proof of a basic knowledge of Indonesian civics. Applications are approved at the discretion of the President of Indonesia and if approved, require the applicant to renounce other nationality.


The other type of naturalization is for exceptional merit, including contributions to culture, the environment, humanity, science, sport, or technology, which have enhanced the nation. Public or private organizations can propose a candidate to the Minister of Law and Human Rights for their extraordinary contributions. Parliament must consider the application and final approval rests with the President of Indonesia. Therefore, Maxx’s Group Internasional is here to help you in the process of naturalization more easily. 



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